Hello my name is Daniel Brunt


I love family history and weddings are one a few moments in life when whole families come together. Visually documenting everyone present and capturing the special moments that happen, is a couple of many reasons why I love being a wedding photographer. It also helps that I enjoy taking pictures too. Please feel free to watch my introduction video below:


That's my Mum and Dad 👆

My dad used to be a Newcastle wedding photographer, he might of passed on some of that passion to me. He always used to tell me that Wedding photography is such an amazing job because you are the one to capture the most important photo of that families history. Well at least it used to be when photographs were quite rare and very special. Now everyone is a photographer.

Apart from my father's legacy as a wedding photographer, my real romance with photography started in 2012 when a friend sold me their old Nikon D90. Then in 2015 when I was planning a massive European tour through 20 countries, that I decided to invest. I bought a Sony a7ii with a 35mm prime lens. Over 3 months, I used the camera every moment of every day. It became an extension of my arm as I started looking at everything as a possible composition. I made a lot of mistakes, I ruined complete city photos from experimentation. Now I can't even look at some of the photos, I am so disappointed in myself. I shot everything at f22 in Santorini, Crete, Cairo, Istanbul and Cappadocia. You might not understand what that really means, but you do get the idea that I had no idea.


Shortly after the big trip, I decided to live in London for 6 months... 2 years later after having an amazing experience, it was time to leave London. By then I had used my camera at two separate friends weddings. They were so happy with my photography that they insisted that I start a wedding photography business. I initially disregarded their statements, thinking that the wedding photography market is over saturated and I will never make it.


I am a licensed electrician, a good one too. I have worked on one of the largest projects (The Gorgon) in the southern hemisphere. I enjoy being an electrician most of the time however I do not like construction sites, nor do I like the unsavoury characters that come with it. The constant threat of danger and likeliness of developing silicosis disease, makes me think I need a better lifestyle. 


Here I am, chasing a dream and passion. Delivering something of huge value to my clients, that is a great risk to both of us. If my equipment stops working or I am unable to perform I could ruin the documentation of one of the most important days in my client's life. 


One of the most important parts of photographing a wedding is planing and preparation. I will always scout photograph locations beforehand, at the same time of day, so I can see where the light is falling, where the shadows are, where the best locations to pose the couple are and to determine how long it will take to get between the locations. I will also research what other photographers have done and use it as inspiration.


As your photographer, I fully understand how important documenting these family moments are. I truely appreciate the gift of being invited into your life and connecting with all of your guests. It is an honour.

Above is a photograph I took at Positano in 2015 on that massive European tour I mentioned earlier. Her name is Christine, we've been together since 2008. She is the love of my life and an absolute saint of a person. Because of her amazingness, we travelled a great part of the world together. She is remarkably organised and loves an adventure. She is also the most photographed person I know, and very patient. You can thank her for my photography skills, with out her, whom would I have practiced on? She knows her way around a camera now too, probably because it is all I talk about.

Above is a photo from the first wedding I ever part documented. My cousin Chris married his now wife Kate. Their wedding photographer told me I wasn't allowed to take any photos at their ceremony because I didn't have silent shutter on my a7ii (I do now on both my a7iii's). I did not get any couple portraits of them either, as I felt out of place. But I did get lots of great party photos!

Above is a photo from the second wedding I ever part documented. My friends Sally and Omar got married and as you can see we had quite the party. Omar is one of the people that really made me feel like I could be a wedding photographer. He said he believed in me and I have what it takes. Thanks Omar.

Above is the third wedding I photographed for my friends Katie and Brenton. This time I invested in a new lens to capture the close-in emotional photos. I was not their main wedding photographer. This is where I met Lauren Campbell, a local Canberra wedding photographer. She is very talented, and a well known Canberra wedding photographer. Thank you Katie and Brenton.

The fourth wedding I photographed was for my brother in-law Andrew and his now wife Katie. It was a midday ceremony in the peak of summer. As you can see the direct sunlight is very harsh and not so flattering. The ceremony and lunch was at Wildbrumby Schnapps Distillery in the Snowy Mountains. This was the first time I was the primary photographer, where I had the pleasure of capturing wedding portraits. Thank you Andrew and Katie.

The fifth wedding I photographed was my cousin Hollie and her husband Jason in Brisbane. Again I was not the primary photographer however as my skills had greatly improved, so were the photos I captured for them. Thank you Hollie and Jason for giving me this beautiful opportunity.

On 30th November 2019 was my first paid Canberra wedding photography gig, YAY! Piriestika and Ravnit's wedding consisted of pre-ceremony couple portraits at Lake Tuggeranong Park, then a small family ceremony and reception at their home in Southern Canberra.

I honestly had the best time of my life. For the first time ever, I was shooting a real wedding. Real people were paying me real money, WOW! I loved being apart of their lives and meeting everyone in their family, sharing a meal with them of delicious Fijian Indian food they made.

When I left their home and got in my car I was pumping full of endorphins, literally peaking from dancing to Indian dance music whilst making photos.


I know for sure now, this is my destiny. Being a wedding photographer is what I am supposed to do. It only took me 33 years to work out what I really want to do with my life. So if you are still reading this, you know that I am genuine, honest and open minded. I am extremely passionate about photographing weddings. 

I am pretty hard on myself when it comes to criticism, but it is the reason my photography is always improving. The photos you see on my website are a bench mark. The photos I make for you, will be better. Creative challenge is just one of the reasons why I love being a wedding photographer. 


So what are you waiting for, let's be friends?


For Christmas 2019 my father gifted to me his precious camera that he used to photograph portraits at weddings when he was my age. It is such an honour to receive this powerful token of his recognition, that I might be good enough to use his camera. 

There is so much joy and excitement about the development of film. Did I expose properly, what will the photograph look like, will it turn out? You can not just look at the back of the camera and get instant feedback. 

The above photo was taken under Commonwealth Avenue Bridge at 3pm on Sunday 5th January 2020. A nation wide bushfires disaster covered Australia's Capital city in a thick blanket of smoke.  


I decided to make the most of bad situation, by documenting the eerie atmosphere at some of Canberra's iconic landmarks with my Mamiya C3 using Kodak 100TMX 120 black and white negative film.


This happened to be my very first roll of 120 film I have ever shot. I did not even know how I was going to get it developed. Lucky PhotoAccess in Manuka Arts Centre, has the last public darkroom in Canberra. They developed and scanned my negatives for $30 per roll. 

Equipment List

This list is for anyone interested in the equipment I use, especially other Professional Photographers. 

I am always excited for second shooting gigs, please contact me for availability info@precisepix.com.au

2x ILCE-7M3 Sony α7 III with 35mm full-frame image sensor

1x ILCE-7M2 Sony α7 II E-mount Camera with Full Frame Sensor (Back up camera)

2x Sony SFG128T 128GB Tough SD Card

4x SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB Class 10 SDXC UHS-I Memory Card

4x NP-FZ100 Sony Z-series Batteries

2x NP-FW50 Sony W-series Batteries

1x SEL1635GM Sony 16-35mm f2.8 G-Master Lens

1x SEL2470GM Sony 24-70mm f2.8 G-Master Lens

1x SEL70200G Sony 70-200mm f4 G OSS Lens

1x SEL35F28Z Sony 35mm f2.8 Prime Lens

1X SEL35F18F Sony 35mm f1.8 Prime Lens

1x SEL85F18 Sony 85mm f1.8 Portrait Lens

1X SEL135ZF18GM 135mm f1.8 Portrait Lens

2x Manfrotto Carbon Fibre Tripods 

1x Joby GorrillaPod Flexible Tripod

2x Godox V1S Speedlite Flash

1x Godox XProS Controller 

1x Godox AKR1 Speedlite Accessories 

1x Godox 80cm Silver and White Reflector

1x Selens 60x90cm 5 in 1 Reflector 

1x Glanz 110cm 5 in 1 Reflector  

1x Godox Studio Box 80cm Portable Octagon Umbrella Softbox with 200cm Light Stand 

1x Zhiyun Crane 2 3-Axis Gimbal 

1x Manfrotto Advanced Traveller Backpack

1x Holdfast Money Maker Dual Camera Harness


These two guys are my best friends, we constantly talk about cameras and we are always pushing each other in professional development. With out them, I certainly would not be as far as I am with my photography.

Andrew Croucher on the left lives in Sydney, New South Wales and he specialises in creative portraiture, fine art landscape, event and macro photography. You can check out his Facebook here, and his website here.

Timothy Yip in the middle lives in Denver, Colorado and he specialises in glamour portraiture and street photography. You can check out his Instagram here, and his website here