Why Queensberry Albums?

Queensberry products are handmade to the
highest standards and guaranteed accordingly.


Genuine leather covers are Queensberry’s specialty. They buy only the finest hides from Europe’s leading suppliers, and selectively cut and process them to enhance their inherent quality. Along with their durability and luxurious handling qualities, it is the individuality of texture, grain, range marking and density that gives Queensberry’s leathers their appeal.

​Queensberry’s linens, silks and buckrams are sourced from natural fibres. Cotton-based Buckrams have been the choice of bookbinders, publishers and libraries for many generations. Linens and Silks extend the range with colours and textures from across the spectrum — soft and delicate to vibrant show stoppers.

Queensberry’s man-made materials are selected with an eye to their visual appeal, touch, durability and impact on the environment. Micro Leathers offer the same “touch and feel” as genuine leather, with beautiful textures and lovely colours. Faux Leathers are another vegan- friendly alternative to genuine leather, and offer still more beautiful textures and colours.

The heart of every photographic product is the printed image and the stock it’s printed on. Queensberry card and paper stocks are chosen for their quality, durability, appearance, and suitability for purpose. All are pH-buffered to ensure they remain acid-free over a lifetime. Printing equipment is carefully calibrated, managed and maintained to produce accurate colour and long-lasting prints.

High-tech but hand-made

Industrial processes work best if everyone buys the same. Queensberry’s workflow is high- tech and their printing state of the art, but all their books, albums, boxes and frames are handmade to order using traditional methods — one-off, personalised and unique.

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“Once-in-a-lifetime” products like Queensberry’s have a vanishingly small impact compared to our everyday practices and purchases, but every little counts, and surely the best possible reason to buy from the other side of the world is to buy the best! Queensberry is proudly based in New Zealand, a country where most energy comes from renewable resources, where workplace and environmental practices are carefully regulated, where their clean, green image is a source of national pride, and where their parliament has almost unanimously committed to zero carbon emissions by 2050.

​Queensberry is a family company, its products created by a close-knit team that cares. Because their products are handmade, they offer rewarding jobs to a skilled staff, many of whom have worked together for decades. They’re proud to deliver a world class product, and proud to be part of a team that trust, respect and care for each other. And that’s precisely why we love working with them 🙂

Queensberry understand that everything man-made impacts the environment, including their products. Their philosophy is to choose the best materials from the most trustworthy suppliers, to expend the least resources transforming them, and to minimise their carbon footprint. For example their leathers are sourced from fine European suppliers, not just because they offer beautiful hides and continuity of supply, but because they care deeply about animal welfare. Similarly, their man-made, “vegan-friendly” micro leathers come from an environmentally responsible manufacturer, with no heavy metals, formaldehydes etc used in their production.

​Queensberry closely monitor all production inputs and recycle all recyclable waste such as the silver from their Lab. Material scrap such as leather, paper and card is on-sold, recycled or donated. (Local schools and kindergartens love their offcuts!) Products are shipped in recycled/recyclable/compostable packaging wherever possible.

To ship their products Queensberry use German logistics company DHL, which is committed to zero carbon emissions by 2050, and, by 2025, to a 50% Increase in carbon efficiency levels compared with 2007.

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