Panorama House Wedding

Blissful Panorama House Wedding, Tania & Alannah

Tania & Alannah’s Panorama House Wedding, Maddens Plains NSW, Australia

Discover how I became a part of the breathtaking, emotional, and filled with love of Tania & Alannah at the Panorama House wedding as a Sydney photographer. 

Being a wedding photographer is truly a privilege as you get to know lovely couples and be a part of one of the most significant moments of their lives-their wedding day. I am genuinely honoured that the team found me online and chose to have me as their photographer. It was just meant to be! And just like how fate works, their story works the same way. 

Alannah and Tania both work in Sales. Tania is a Customer Service Manager in the Telecommunications industry. Alannah is a Business Development Manager in the Food industry. And although, despite working in different sectors, their fate intertwined. They met entirely by chance, and the rest is history.

Alannah and Tania’s Panorama House Wedding, Maddens Plains NSW

The couple loves the beach and the great outdoors. So, choosing this place as their wedding venue was an easy choice. Their ceremony was so breathtaking in an elegant white Gazebo with the stunning backdrop of the Pacific Ocean.

As I arrived at the venue, I could easily see the simple elegance of their wedding. Tania & Alannah incorporated their favourite colours in the decoration to make it as personal as possible. Alannah likes the red colour so much, while Tania prefers green. They chose to mix up two of their favourite tones, burgundy and eucalyptus, giving the whole place an effortlessly sophisticated touch. 

A Sunny, Rainy, and Rainbow-filled Panorama House Wedding Day

The couple picked March 13, a date between their birthdays, to make this period a whole month of celebrations. As they are both Pisces, Tania’s birthday is on March 9, while Alannah’s is on March 20; it was the perfect reason for them to pick that day.

Not to mention how everything was so utterly fantastic that day, even if there was a little bit of rain shower. The couple considered it more ideal because they could experience sunny and rainy weather all in one day. Even more impressive is that they were given a beautiful rainbow at the end of their ceremony. It was as if the sky was celebrating the union of their love as well. 

A Panorama House Wedding Ceremony Surrounded by Friends & Family

Alannah and Tania’s ceremony was very emotional. They appreciated all the people who made an effort to make their special day very memorable. Their mere presence during such challenging times made their day even more unforgettable. There were tears of joy as heartfelt love filled the air. But there were also tears of sadness because, unfortunately, they both lost a parent with who they wished to be present that day. Nonetheless, having framed photos of Alannah’s Mother and Tania’s Father, who have passed, were displayed at their ceremony and reception party. This heartwarming gesture made them feel like they were there with them all along.

An Intimate Celebration of the Union of Two People and their Families

Tania wore an ivory Steven Khalil gown and looked so gorgeous, while Alannah seemed so incredible, rocking a custom suit that followed the burgundy and eucalyptus colour scheme they had. Furthermore. Ruby, the flower girl, wore an ivory outfit to match Tania’s gown. On the other hand, Greg, the page boy, checked Alannah’s suit. They were such a picture-perfect family! 

There was an intimate moment where Alannah presented Ruby with a gold chain featuring a pendant embellished with ruby stones and diamonds. It was a gift from Alannah to symbolise her becoming Ruby’s official stepmom.

My Experience as a Photographer at the Panorama House Wedding

My experience with Tania & Alannah’s wedding at this place was terrific. They made me feel like I was a part of their family which inspired me to be more involved in every moment because I felt at home when taking their photos. It was a pleasure to capture every moment and to be a witness to their unforgettable day.

More about the Panorama House Wedding: A Venue With An Ocean View

Do you love the ocean? The couple were both water=loving people, so when it comes to their wedding venue, a place with a beautiful ocean view was their top priority. This is why they chose this place as it offers the most fantastic view of the Pacific Ocean. Depending on the Panorama House Wedding package, the venue can accommodate up to 420 guests. You will love having so many options to choose from – a variety of packages that will undoubtedly suit your preferences. They even have a ceremony-only option for those who prefer not to have a reception. Here are the packages they have and the number of guests that each package can accommodate:

  • Pacific Package (40-90 guests)
  • Panorama Package (80-200 guests)
  • Lunch Package (40-420 guests)
  • Ocean Package (200-420 guests)
  • Cocktail Style (30-550 guests)
  • Buffet Style (70-420 guests)
  • Breakfast (40-420 guests)

Handcrafted Queensberry Album as the Perfect Wedding Memento

Tania & Alannah purchased their Queensberry album as an elegant souvenir and as physical means to look back on the highlights of their special day. Not only that, their Queensberry album is handmade to the highest standards while also being very sustainable. There will be no guilt because it is made in the most environment-friendly way! This is truly a perfect memento for your equally perfect day.

Tania & Alannah

Panorama House Wedding date: March 13, 2021

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Panorama House Wedding
Wedding Dress: Steven Khalil
Hair: Nathan Gorman
Celebrant: Alison The Celebrant
Cake: Tania Zarpas
Alannah’s Suit: Bentex
Event Styling: Splash Occasions
Rings: Passion Jewellers

If you like the style of Tania & Alannah’s Panorama House Wedding photos and are looking for a photographer for your iconic day, I would love to hear from you! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch via my contact page, and if you would like an idea of my pricing, please take a look at my wedding pricing page.

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