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This Blue Mountains Wedding Venue Plays Host to Emma & Rob

Emma & Rob’s Beautiful Big Day at the Blue Mountains Wedding Venue, Parklands Country Garden and Lodges

When I first visited the Parklands Country Garden and Lodges, I was blown away by how breathtakingly beautiful this Blue Mountains wedding venue was. It’s less than 2 hours away from Sydney’s CBD, but it feels like a million miles away. The area is covered in lush greenery, wide-open spaces and so many cute little spots to backdrop your portraits against. It feels luxurious, without being ostentatious. And its seclusion away from the world gives it a depth of privacy that so many city couples I meet as a Sydney wedding photographer are constantly searching for.

Emma & Rob: A Down to Earth Happy Couple

My visit to this Blue Mountains wedding venue was to shoot the big day of Emma & Rob. A really down-to-earth and friendly couple who I instantly bonded with from our first meeting. Through sharing stories and really getting to know each other, it was clear to see how fun they were. And I was happy to discover how down they were and trusting enough to go with the flow when it came to their wedding photography.

A Hollywoodesque Engagement Scene

The couple met at Bush Doof in Sydney and instantly hit it off. Knowing pretty early on that this was a special chance meeting. They had loads in common, and both shared a love for helping kids in their professional lives. Rob is a paediatric nurse, and Emma is a primary school teacher. After a few months of dating, they couldn’t help but tell each other how comfortable they felt around one another. A unique feeling that they’d not experienced quite like before. Soon, wedding bells were chiming. And like something out of a movie, Chris proposed one night, in the rain, out on the Seaport pedestrian bridge in Launceston. A super sweet moment I’m sure.

The Parklands Country Garden and Lodges: An Oasis Outside Sydney

Emma & Rob chose the Parklands Country Garden and Lodges as their wedding venue, and as I said, it’s not hard to see why they selected this glorious Blue Mountains wedding venue. For this couple, more specifically, they instantly fell for the natural ponds and many water features that dot the 28 acres of carefully maintained grounds. Grounds that, as you wander around them, give off real European country estate vibes. Like you’re on a rich Count’s land in northern Italy. Or the summer swelling of some well-to-do aristocrats in rural France. It feels endlessly charming. And a world away from the hustle and bustle of Sydney city centre.

A Destination Blue Mountains Wedding Venue

Another important part of this Blue Mountains wedding venue for Emma & Rob was its ability to host the entirety of their celebrations. Because they didn’t want their guests to feel as though they needed to travel during their wedding. And the Parklands Country Garden and Lodges offered the space to not only marry and party but also to stay after all the champagne had been drunk! The luxurious accommodation on offer was the perfect place for their loved ones to rest their heads and was a stone’s throw away from all the weekend’s action. An ideal retreat.

Nervy Getting Ready Moments, and Pizza

The big day began with both wedding parties getting ready within the pretty rooms at the Parklands Country Garden and Lodges. Ground floor suites were bathed in natural light via elegant French doors, that opened out onto the lush grounds around. In classic groomsmen style, the boys shared a few beers and chowed down on some takeaway pizza before even opening their suit bags. While our bridal party set about early, prepping their makeup and generally readying themselves for the day. Finally, both parties were ready, and we took some fun portraits of each group sharing a shot of Dutch courage.

A Ceremony Moment Both Bride & Groom had Dreamed of

The ceremony took place out in the gardens, backdropped by the crisp white buildings of their Blue Mountains wedding venue on one side, and endless greenery on the other. The sun was high in the sky, with only a few clouds gently bobbing along the horizon. It was a picturesque scene, and a moment I knew both Emma and Rob had been dreaming of.

For Chris, he had been so excited to see his bride walk down the aisle, and had gone over how it would look in his head a thousand times. Thankfully, it did not disappoint! Emma was a vision, gracefully gliding down the grassy aisle towards her soon-to-be-groom. At the floral altar, the couple shared a few carefully prepared words and even a few tears as they expressed their love for each, and their dedication to their future together.

Portraits & Group Shots Surrounded by Greenery

Following the very special nuptials, I took the newlyweds and their wedding party away for some portraits in and around the grounds at the Parklands Country Garden and Lodges. Together, we explored the many hidden little spots, while also embracing the wide-open spaces and woodland clearings this Blue Mountains wedding venue is so blessed with.

It was a shame however that the reception and speeches were at the time they were, as they coincided with golden hour. The portraits of Emma, Rob and the gang are wonderful. But they would have been on another level entirely if they could have been shot during this exceptional hour of the day. Something to keep in mind if you’re planning your wedding day timeline, be sure to arrange your portraits to be taken during sunset, or sunrise. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

A Wedding Party That Was Not Afraid to Let Their Hair Down

Bride and groom photos were captured, it was time to join the rest of the gang and toast their nuptials. The reception took place in a charming marquee on the grounds of the Parklands Country Garden and Lodges. Around large circular tables, Emma and Rob’s loved ones all got into the celebratory spirit very early on, and following some funny, and touching speeches, they were soon hitting the dance floor! And as their Sydney wedding photographer I, of course, was duty-bound to join the action. Soon finding myself surrounded by party-goers on the tiles, singing and dancing their hearts out. It was such a delight, and I could see how elated the newlyweds were at that moment.

The wedding party danced through into the night, stopping briefly to refuel on wedding cake cupcakes and write messages on the signing board. A unique book crafted out of wood by Rob’s cousin. It was certainly a hit with their guests, who excitedly took turns to leave messages of love and advice for their future together.

Overall, it was such a fun celebration, and I had a blast capturing all the excitement and joy both Emma and Rob brought to this Blue Mountains wedding venue. And I can’t wait to return to the Parklands Country Garden and Lodges again soon!

I Would Love to Be Your Blue Mountains Wedding Photographer

A huge thank you to Emma & Rob for choosing me as their photographer and allowing me to become a part of their wedding day in the Blue Mountains. If you are looking for a wedding photographer in the Blue Mountains or further afield, and you like the style of these shots at Parklands Country Garden and Lodges wedding venue, I would love to hear from you! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact page.

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