Cockatoo Island Wedding

Unique and Colourful Cockatoo Island Wedding, Sara + Daniel

Cockatoo Island Wedding, Sara & Daniel

You may think you have seen unique weddings and iconic couples, but mind you, everything you have witnessed so far cannot be compared to the magic of Sara and Daniel! These two simply embody fun and channel amazing energy, beautifully embellished with the most loving feelings. Not to mention, they do know how to throw an epic party and elevate the atmosphere – having a drag queen at their celebration just proves it! I know that you are already intrigued so without further ado, let us dive into the Cockatoo Island wedding of Sara and Daniel.

Island magic channelling laidback vibes and industrial flair

As an experienced Sydney wedding photographer, I can definitely state that there are a plethora of amazing places in the area which you can pick for your big day, plus, you don’t even have to go far! In fact, the dream location can be within your reach and still feel away from the city, providing unique vibes. This is one of the main reasons why Sara and Daniel decided to host a Cockatoo Island wedding. They just loved the history about it, tied with the industrial development of Sydney Harbour – which later made for some iconic shots of the couple; and the views because they reminded them of getting out of the city, but without the inconvenience.

So if you are already pondering how to get to the island and feel its charm, I already have you covered. The best way is by public ferry, by boat or a water taxi. If you are using the ferry, know that the F3 and F8 services operate daily, so you won’t have difficulties. The departure takes place at Circular Quay and Barangaroo, but also from wharves along Parramatta River. Being their NSW wedding photographer, I too had to catch the ferry off the island together with all the guests, which honestly was a truly fun experience!

Sara and Daniel fell in love with the idea of a fun and non-traditional wedding

This lovely couple chose to have a Cockatoo Island wedding also because of the unique vibe of the location. With a myriad of venues and outdoor spaces to tailor their dreams, they thought it would be great to throw a party there. And truly, their whole outdoor wedding felt more like a party thanks to the wonderful and relaxed wedding atmosphere. Plus, the coastal and industrial backdrops made it even more alluring!

Sara and Daniel embraced their true selves and curated their unique wedding completely in the way they envisioned it – relaxed, laidback and fun. That included having a drag queen that brought whole new energy and made everyone present laugh. As a Sydney wedding photographer, laughter is music to my ears and bliss for my lenses, so I thoroughly enjoyed capturing all the joy and fun!

Splash of colour! Unique wedding aesthetic and styling

Because the couple didn’t fancy any traditional ideas, including wearing a white gown, they decided to paint their dreams – literally! Instead of going down the common route, they asked their guests to wear a splash of bright colour. Even though the decor was minimal, I just loved witnessing all those differently coloured chairs for their Cockatoo Island wedding ceremony.

Their relaxed wedding was truly remarkable, starting from Sara’s red burgundy non-traditional wedding dress to her bridesmaids who wore mismatched bright coloured dresses. This bride hated the idea of a white gown symbolising purity so she had her own twist. Plus, I think all of us are up for the idea of doing what you wish for your big day, right? The groomsmen on the other hand wore blue jackets and brown chinos, which was kind of an inverse version of Daniel’s look – a brown jacket and blue pants. The couple chose this approach because they wanted bright colours to bring life and fun into the most joyous day of their lives!

Outdoor Ceremony with a non-traditional vibe

As previously mentioned, the cool multi-coloured chairs were placed to host the guests of this fun and unique wedding ceremony! Everyone present was simply overwhelmed with joy to see the couple tie the knot. Even though it was simplistic and minimal in decor, it was lavish in the emotional aspect. In fact, the colourful outfits and smiles decorated the atmosphere in the best sense possible. Oh, and having a Cat Stevens song as a choice to walk down the aisle may have up-levelled the ceremony too! Sara and Daniel both love this amazing musician, so it was extra special when they BOTH did the walk together. What a wonderful example of unity!

They also included their parents in their non-traditional wedding ceremony – holding the rings and vows. A wonderful gesture was Sara wearing the ring Daniel’s late grandfather gave to his late grandmother. As they have been together for many years, and shared so many adventures, Daniel thought there was no woman, except Sara, that was more worthy of wearing that ring. Having met in 2015 on a pub crawl in Amsterdam on Christmas Eve, their connection blossomed and made them connect again in Krakow, Poland. The next date was in Sydney when they returned, and have been together ever since!

Epic Golden Hour and Portraiture with Industrial Backdrops!

After their Cockatoo Island wedding ceremony, they mingled with their guests, and then we stole some moments for intimate portraiture. And how I am glad we did! The sun was setting and provided us with the most magical golden hour, perfect for their portraiture. Plus, the industrial backdrops were just the thing to make their session just as unique as their personalities! As a Sydney wedding photographer, getting such glow and light to capture my couples is always a treat.

A laid back outdoor wedding reception with a Drag Queen

If I had to spell FUN for this couple, it would mean F – fantastic, U – unique, and N – non-traditional. I believe these three words beautifully encapsulate Sara and Daniel’s celebration! Loved that they had a drag queen who was absolutely hilarious. Although, their family friend roasted the families before the start, to get the vibe going and involve them more. What stood out is that their guests kept remarking that their unique wedding day was very much ‘Sara and Daniel’, which meant only one thing – mission accomplished. The couple enjoyed watching their family and friends at the reception, simply enjoying themselves completely. It was like one happy party which had amazing food, especially the cheese wheel cake.

Your awesome and laidback Sydney Wedding Photographer

I am so thankful to Sara and Daniel for letting me become a part of their story! It was definitely a fun and unique wedding. Love my candid portrayal of this Cockatoo Island wedding? Then please, don’t hesitate to connect with me via my contact page. Would love to capture your magic too!

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Venue: Cockatoo Island
Celebrant: Martin Moroney

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