Why Every Couple Should Take Couples Portraits

The story of your love should be celebrated. That is why couples all over the world are having couples photoshoots. If you are thinking of a reason why you should take couples portraits, check out some reasons below, why you should take couples portraits.


Did you just get engaged? Why not take this opportunity to have a couples photoshoot to celebrate this monumental moment? You don’t have to wait for your wedding to take couples portraits. What many people don’t realise is that a couples photoshoot is a great way to capture your love story before you say your “I do’s”. You can even use your couples portraits for your wedding invitations or for your guestbook at your wedding.

Just to Celebrate Your Love

Do you feel like the person you are with is that special one? If so, a couples photoshoot is the perfect way to celebrate that love. Yes, you can just take a picture with your phone or camera, but what better way to truly celebrate your love than with professional photos? You don’t have to wait to be engaged or married. Some great ideas for a couples photoshoot is to have a photoshoot where you first met or where you went on your first date.

It’s Fun

Unlike wedding photography, where you have to keep up with a schedule and dress all formal, a couples photoshoot allows you to have fun. Yes, your wedding will be fun, but this allows you the opportunity to take photos without all the formalities. Do you guys have a favourite sports team? Why not take photos wearing matching jerseys? Do you have a favourite pastime that you enjoy doing together? Why not take couples portraits doing that? With a couples photoshoot, you can be the director and your photographer can do the shooting.

If you're looking for a photographer that can take couples portraits around Sydney, please give me a call, here at Precisepix. I am an award winning photographer, I read books by looking at the pictures and I am really sensitive to emotions. I love the fun in capturing people’s love stories and creating images that they can cherish forever.