Lilys Restaurant, Bar & Function Centre Wedding

Lilys Restaurant, Bar & Function Centre Wedding, Corina & Benjamin

Lilys Restaurant, Bar & Function Centre Wedding, Corina & Benjamin

It is no secret that being a Sydney wedding photographer is my passion, but that is mainly because of the epic couples I get to meet! Every love story brings its own charm and inspires me greatly. Some start with an unintentional first look, some are completely random and others begin with swiping right on Tinder! Corina and Benjamin’s tale began with a date at The Royal Cricketers Arms on their first date off Tinder. However, their next chapter began by hosting a Lilys Restaurant, Bar & Function Centre wedding that turned out to be one for the books!

Modern sleek design channelling cabaret vibes

Let me lay it in front of you immediately, the Lilys Restaurant, Bar & Function Centre wedding venue has an amazing Italian food menu that can seal the deal when it comes to celebrating your big day. Plus, it has several function rooms with an astounding sleek cabaret style, which instantly elevates your event! This and many other features convinced Corina and Benjamin to host their reception here. From intimate gatherings to larger events, this elegant wedding venue can host your nuptials in an extravagant style. It is situated in the western parts of Sydney and for now, it is kind of a well-kept secret. Naturally, I share my best secrets with my readers so if you are looking for a venue in that style, you will find this place absolutely perfect!

The magic of getting ready moments

Besides choosing the Lilys Restaurant, Bar & Function Centre wedding venue for their reception, they first got ready at the Atura Blacktown Hotel. I must say, it is a gorgeous place, but the rooms in which they were staying were very small and not very suitable for those iconic getting ready photos. As an NSW wedding photographer, I will give you this pro tip – always seek to invest in larger rooms when it comes to portraying this part of your day. It will provide you with enough space to relax, unwind and have the best moments captured!

Corina and Benjamin fell in love with the idea of meaningful details and a relaxed wedding

Everything about this unique wedding was meaningful and filled with all the feels! From Corina getting ready with her Great Nan’s handheld mirror (given to her Nanny then to Corina) to her Grandpa walking her down the aisle, the day was oozing love and heartfelt emotions. Also, Corina’s Aunty Sarah made the photos that hung from her flowers (Oma & Opa Great Grandparents) (Nan & Pop Great Nan and Pop) ( Nanny & Poppy John Nan and Pop).

When it comes to her styling, she loved the idea of pearl adorned dress because the birthstone of their son Jacob was a pearl. To complete the aesthetic, the pearl bracelet from her Great Grandmother fitted perfectly. Also, the earrings Corina wore were a token from her Co-maid of honour Dell – she had them made for her especially. Every single detail of their elegant wedding was done with diligence, care, and whole lotta emotions! In their words, the vibe was amazing because they had the best people with them!

Classic colour palette with a gorgeous burgundy flair

Even though they didn’t include many decorative elements, the floral designs were simply sublime! Benjamin and Corina’s colour choices were classic white and green, with a gorgeous touch of burgundy. That was beautifully portrayed with the burgundy bridesmaids’ dresses. Besides the bride’s iconic pearl adorned dress, Benjamin looked stellar yet laid back in his checked blue suit, complementing her radiant vibe.

As their Sydney wedding photographer, I loved capturing all the details along with the expressions that made this Lilys Restaurant, Bar & Function Centre wedding truly unique. One detail that really stood out was their cake, embodying this beautiful colour scheme, with a soft hint of yellow and pink. But what I and the couple completely loved about it was the unique topper! Erin, her Co-maid of honour, had them specifically made to look like Corina and Benjamin, which was undoubtedly amazing, wouldn’t you say?!

A Heartfelt Church Wedding Ceremony and Beautiful Portraiture

The most meaningful moment that will forever stay engraved in their memory will be Corina’s grandfather walking her down the aisle. He has been her father figure and her rock through life, so even I as their NSW wedding photographer was deeply touched by this moment. Another meaningful fact was their ceremony venue – the Blacktown Anglican Church, which they visited regularly on Sundays. Even their son Jacob had been baptised there by Robbie – the minister that orchestrated this lovely ceremony! It is mindblowing how this couple was so thoughtful to weave every single detail in a way that it would be completely personalised and unique to them!

However, even though the couple loved the lights as their backdrop in the church, they were terrible for the camera. They actually cast a shadow on Benjamin’s face and I tried to get the audio-visual guy to turn them off at the beginning of the ceremony, but he couldn’t do it remotely. All things considered, I am happy to have been able to capture the essence of their love. The look on Ben’s face when he saw Corina was just priceless. There is no shadow that can beat that!

For this celebration, I actually shot a whole roll of Kodak Potra 400 medium format film, with my dad’s old wedding camera, which turned out really well in the portraits! We were all so glad that the weather was just perfect, considering it rained all the time before and since.

Laidback and fun yet elegant wedding reception

From the classic yet timeless decor to the epic retro DJ, their Lilys Restaurant, Bar & Function Centre wedding reception was just splendid! The DJ actually played some excellent music that got all into the dancing mood – including the kids! It was special for Corina and Benjamin because every person present meant the world to them. And what can you possibly wish for more? After all, regardless of how gorgeous your elegant wedding venue in Sydney is, what makes it brighter are the people who share your joy!

Your personable, funny and professional Sydney wedding photographer

I cannot be more thankful to have met Corina, Benjamin and their lovely families! I was also glad to know that they appreciated my research before their day and the scouting for the best spots for their imagery. That is also my approach toward every couple because I seek to extract the best possible conditions of any wedding venue in Sydney! Do you like how I have captured the beauty of this Lilys Restaurant, Bar & Function Centre wedding? Then I cannot wait to hear more from you! To get started, contact me via my contact page.

Lilys Restaurant Bar & Function Centre wedding vendors

Ceremony: Minister Robbie, Blacktown Anglican Church
Getting ready venue: Atura Blacktown
Venue: Lilys Restaurant Bar & Function Centre wedding
DJ: Retro Music

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