• Daniel Brunt

10 great reasons why you should choose Precisepix to photograph your wedding day

Lake Crackenback Wedding

#1 You love my work! Photography as an art form is very personal. My style is very relaxed and spontaneous. I am always looking for natural moments rather than trying to create false moments for my own ego.

#2 I give enjoyable experiences. I am lots of fun, very adaptive to different themes. A bit like a parrot, Raaawww I'll repeat anything you say! Lol yeah-nah, you could read some of my reviews.

#3 Attention to your detail. I take the time to get to know you and your plans, with flexibility to adapt to change. I will focus on your needs, to provide you with my best service.

#4 Full photographical editing. I control the whole image editing process personally. I can even remove distractions and add alterations in photoshop.

#5 Unique album design. I photograph your wedding day with your album in mind. I build your story and then help you make choices to recreate it how you want it. No two weddings are ever the same and neither are the albums.

#6 Piece of mind. I come prepared for the worst. I have back up cameras, batteries and memory cards. I am also fully insured for both public liability and professional indemnity.

#7 Not in your face. My plan is to fit in and hangout with your guests, rather than bellowing orders at everyone. I am assertive enough to organise important group shots and humble enough to entertain your guests.

#8 Cameras with a purpose. The camera system I am using is designed to take awesome photos of you. It has the best eye autofocus system on the market. Voted best wedding photographer camera of the year 2018/19

#9 Collaboration creates magic. Are you remotely creative, or have some inspiration in mind? Making great photographs can be so much fun. I am always open to ideas, thoughts and feelings. We can put them all together to create a hilarious scene, that you will cherish.

#10 Best value for money. I tailor my packages to provide you with the best deal on the market. The Wedding industry is ridiculously expensive, so my prices are reasonable to stand out.

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