Riverside Oaks Golf Resort Wedding

Silly Riverside Oaks Golf Resort Wedding, Dylan & Mitchell 22

Riverside Oaks Golf Resort Wedding

Dylan and Mitchell’s Riverside Oaks Golf Resort Wedding was lots of fun and games, almost like a birthday party vibes. The day started perfectly with low fog in the morning, which turned out to be some epic drone footage for their video. The golf course is home to much wildlife, which will also feature in their story.


Getting ready with convenience

Riverside Oaks Golf Resort Wedding venue has lodges perfect for your getting-ready needs. Dylan and Mitchell were getting ready nearby each other. Hence, it made it easy for me to dash between the rooms. The wedding parties put their final touches on a few glasses of bubbles.

Fabulous Bell Street Vintage

Pink and white were the palettes of colour; Dylan wore white to resemble a wedding dress. Mitchell’s favourite colour is pink, and the veiling was something else as it swept in the wind. I thought the whole wedding party looked fabulous together in the soft hues of pinks and blues.

Elegant country ceremony

Event and wedding hire built the arbour, and Bloom Room covered it with beautiful florals. As Dylan & Mitchell’s wedding parties gathered in the gazebos, All Mobile Music serenaded their guests with classical music. Natalie Buchannan wedded this playful pair in a heartfelt way, bringing many tears and laughter.

587 acres of picturesque landscapes

Abbey Young, the Riverside Oaks Golf Resort Wedding coordinator, assisted us with our wedding party portraits. We leisurely drove golf buggies between the locations and used the vehicles as props for the photoshoots. It was great fun to enjoy the laughter moments along the Hawkesbury River. The golden sunlight lit the wedding party beautifully near the heritage-listed sandstone ruins located on the back nine golf course, which appeared to be unused by golfers that day.

Friendly Locals

One of the locations had a very friendly Kangaroo that was so taken by Dylan’s Fabulous attire that the kangaroo wanted to embrace him with open arms. This didn’t go down so well for Dylan, but the rest of the wedding party was rolling in laughter at the historic moment. So many kangaroo jokes preceded the rest of the evening. Watch out for the wedding video regarding seeing the Kangaroo and Dylan in action.

The Composite Shot

As a Sydney-based wedding photographer, I constantly push myself to the next level. For this wedding, I want to create this composite shot below, a blend of seven separate photos in one. My best friend and videographer Andrew assisted by lighting each subject with my Magmod 24inch octa softbox. I loved the result; it turned out exactly as I had planned.

Outrageously entertaining, Riverside Oaks Golf Resort Wedding Reception

Drag Queen extraordinaire Miranda Fair brought the room to temperature with her hilarious wit and playful games. The evening started with Miranda singing a few classic hits, followed by some personal trivia about Dylan and Mitchell. The dancefloor was epic as Dylan and Mitchell’s close friends and family celebrated the night away.

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