Marriage Proposal Sydney

Surprise Marriage Proposal Sydney, Pier One

Marriage Proposal Sydney

Jamie contacted me a few weeks before proposing marriage to Souhaila with the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the backdrop. I jumped at the opportunity as this was something I love to do. I scouted the spot before the day and confirmed where he would lead her so that I could capture her surprise. Souhaila had no idea that this was about to happen. Jamie had used their close friends in confidence to pretend they were all going out for dinner together. Their friends travelled into the city with Souhaila and Jamie, and smoke bombed/disappeared just as they arrived at the Gantry Restaurant.
Souhaila and Jamie walked through the restaurant foyer, then out onto the deck, turning right, then walked toward the fantastic display that the beautiful team from Limelight Letters had put together. Souhaila looked stunned as she realised what she had just walked into, emotions were high, and love was in the air!

She Said Yes!

After capturing the moment, we did a little reenactment to get better photos, followed by a couple of shots under the Syndey Harbour Bridge. Then a luncheon at The Gantry Restaurant where Jamie presented to Souhaila an everlasting rose that I picked up for him the day before.

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