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Heartwarming Sydney Marriage Proposal, Royal Botanic Garden

Sydney Marriage Proposal

Daniel got in contact with me a few weeks before Charlene’s birthday as he wanted to plan a marriage proposal; he didn’t know where or how he was going to do it. We initially talked over the phone, and I made a few suggestions: Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House in the backdrop. One of the best places for this view is near Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, next to Royal Botanic Garden Sydney. Daniel and I met a few days before his proposal to work out a time and route for taking photos, and I was to try and capture some video of the proposal.

I packed a bottle of champagne and two plastic flutes with my cameras all into my rucksack. I surprised myself how it all fit together like my gear was made for this kind of moment. I arrived early and got into position, and soon enough, Charlene and Daniel Appeared; he made Eye contact with me; I pretended to be a random photographer shooting landscapes. I remember he looked so nervous, and the emotions were about to erupt out of him with an explosion. Daniel Led Charlene into the spot and took a knee.

She Said Yes!

There were many tears, particularly from Daniel, and when they started to settle, we started the Engagement photoshoot around the location, starting with cracking open the bottle of champagne. We all had a great time that evening, creating the photos and getting to know each other. I dearly look forward to the day they tie the knot.

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