3 Reasons Why You Need to Hire Precisepix as Your Sydney Wedding Photographer

Did you get engaged? Are you the happiest person on the planet, showing off your engagement ring to everyone? Do you feel anxious about your wedding ceremony? Whether you’re the bride or groom, it is quite natural to feel slightly uncertain, anxious and even paranoid in some cases about the wedding itself. However, once you find the right person to guide you through, the whole process becomes unbelievably easy!

And this is why you need to hire a reliable wedding photographer – not just to capture your precious moments but also to help you through the process! Here are a few reasons why you should hire Precisepix as your Sydney wedding photographer.

Stunning wedding photo of bride and groom kissing with wedding veil blowing softly in the wind, sunset glow warming the highlights

Stunning Photos

I am an award-winning photographer, and I read books by looking at the pictures, so I am susceptible to emotions. I have all the right equipment, and my crew and I are constantly talking about cameras and are always pushing each other in professional development. I am truly dedicated to capturing you and your guests’ personalities and telling the story of your wedding through my lens. I live for shooting those candid reactions during your wedding that you didn’t realize I caught and hearing how those images are your most treasured photos. I can promise you stunning photos to help you remember every moment of your big day, reminisce about it time and again, and share the beautiful memories with your future generation. 

Bride and groom holding hands walking across bridge over water with reflection and bush backdrop after wedding ceremony


Wedding is Planning and Preparation

Since I am a wedding photographer in Sydney and have shot weddings in different wedding venues over Sydney, I know the area very well. This means I have a good knowledge of what to expect when I show up and where the light will fall at different times of day or year, certain factors that truly enhance your images. If I haven’t been to your wedding venue, you can trust me to be a reliable wedding photographer. This means, as a reliable wedding photographer, I will always scout photograph locations beforehand, at the same time of day, so I can see where the light is falling, where the shadows are, where the best locations to pose the couple are and to determine how long it will take to get between the locations to ensure positive results. 

Groom giving bride a piggy back ride looking at eachother with maid of honour jumping in background


Price is a huge factor, so many people are always looking for an affordable wedding photographer. Depending on what you want, the photographers’ price range can go anywhere from $2500 - $10,000. The price can include a standard shooting fee, a standard rate based on what type of album you want, the amount of time you will need them for, whether an extra shooter is needed, etc. A wedding photographer is not cheap, but I am an affordable wedding photographer who can meet your budget. As an affordable wedding photographer, although I offer my services at a competitive price, I will still produce high-quality images and provide you with the service you deserve. I care about your happiness, which is why I offer flexibility in our packages so you can choose any photography package that fits your budget. 

So if you’re looking for a Sydney wedding photographer or a ‘photographer near me’ around Sydney that you can trust to create timeless wedding photos, contact Precisepix today. You can see samples of my work on my site at