The Woodlands Wedding

Kim & Brent’s Big Day at The Woodlands Wedding Venue in Sydney

This fun-loving couple didn’t let a little bit of rain dampen their wedding day, and together they managed to pull off a very chic celebration at The Woodlands Wedding Venue.

If you’re searching for a wedding venue in Sydney and haven’t added The Woodlands wedding venue to your visit list yet, I urge you to do so! As a wedding photographer, this stunningly contemporary event space has fast become one of my favourites in Sydney. And it’s much loved by my couples too. All of whom adore how connected they feel to the lush grounds of Harrington Forest, an incredibly vibrant backdrop for a wedding.

One couple who indeed fell hard for The Woodlands wedding venue was Kim and Brent. They both loved how they felt with nature while strolling around the location for the first time—planning in their minds a celebration surrounded by greenery and picnics under the shade of the trees. Unfortunately, the outdoor ceremony space at The Woodlands wedding venue wasn’t available on the day. But, as you’ll discover, Kim and Brent still managed to tie the knot with nothing but green all around them.

Outfits in a Fabulous Palette of Navy & Wine

Kim and Brent were inspired by the sophisticated style of The Woodlands wedding venue when putting together their colour scheme. For the bridesmaids, they chose wine. A deep and elegant tone that suited Kim’s girls perfectly. And the pair of them found a stunning style from Shona Joy in this colour, which looked so chic on them both.

Brent’s groomsmen were treated as a boy’s day out when shopping. And together they chose some very stylish, fitted outfits in all navy, with a coordinated tie. Together, the perfect complement to the elegant gowns in wine worn by the bridesmaids. And the modern surroundings of The Woodlands wedding venue.

A Successful Solo Bridal Shop Trip

The wedding dress shopping experience can be a stressful one for many brides. But not for Kim. She did not find herself traipsing from bridal shop to bridal shop, trying on dress after dress, all the while surrounded by a gaggle of enthusiastic family members. No, Kim found ‘the one’ on her first visit to a wedding dress shop, and she did it solo. Covid-19 played its part in her unaccompanied visit. But it didn’t stop Kim from finding the dress of her dreams from Pronovias at Fashionably Yours in Wahroonga. It was the only shop she visited, and she discovered that gown on the fourth or fifth try-on.

A Wet & Windy Wedding That Didn’t Dampen Any Spirits

On the big day, the weather was incredibly hit-and-miss. Therefore, as Kim and Brent’s wedding photographer, it was my job to make sure their Sydney nuptials looked anything but drizzly. Groom Brent also played his part, carefully organising for the ceremony to be held under the shelter of the trees. A wonderfully pretty spot in Bicentennial Park, romantically lit by the sun through the canopy of trees. The pair exchanged their vows surrounded by loved ones, besides a wooden arch covered in blooming flowers. It was a special moment, and one of their little dog, Beans, was not going to miss it!

Portraits in the Park

Following the ceremony, and before we made our way to The Woodlands wedding venue. I took the newlyweds and their wedding party off for their portraits. Using the vast greenery and quiet spots around the park, we managed to capture some delightful moments that showed just how tight these guys all are. Kim and Brent, in particular, looked just so happy, always gazing into each other’s eyes and never wanting to be far from one another. Altogether, they were a lovely bunch and a joy to shoot.

A Stylish Yet Laid-back Celebration at The Woodlands Wedding Venue

With portraits complete and a freshly married couple to toast, Kim and Brent’s loved ones made their way over to The Woodlands wedding venue. The majority of guests had already arrived well before the newlyweds, choosing to stay out of the rain and catch up with friends in the comfort of the reception room. A space that’s blessed with an abundance of natural light, beaming through the full-length windows and creating a wonderfully open feeling. Complimented by the surrounding bushland, which can be viewed via the wall of windows, or from the spacious covered balcony.

The wedding party made their big entrance to the reception, to many ovations from the seated guests, who had at this point already sampled the bar menu. So they were full of spirits! Kim and Brent then entered the room, receiving the biggest applause of them all. As their wedding photographer, I made sure to keep back during these initial moments and allow this bright Sydney couple to connect with their loved ones. Especially Kim, who treats many of her guests like family due to a restrained relationship with her parents. Therefore, I wanted to make sure she had space for special moments with her brother and loved ones.

It Started with a Kiss and Ended in Dancing Till Dawn

At some point in the evening, I asked Kim what her best moment of the day was. And she said it was when she was looking into Brent’s eyes during the ceremony. Something she said was very sentimental, but I don’t think it is at all! But, if you ask me, as their photographer, what was the best part of this Sydney wedding? I’d have to say, the first dance.

With the lights down low at The Woodlands wedding venue takes on a whole different vibe. It becomes intimate, ultrasophisticated, and effortlessly romantic. And their polished wooden dance floor, with its ornate, low-hanging chandelier, is the perfect place for newlyweds to dance their first steps together. Kim and Brent made that space their own, and it felt like they were all alone at that moment until the whole gang joined them on the dance floor! And that’s when things got a bit wild! Those guys certainly know how to party.

I Would Love to Be Your Sydney Wedding Photographer

A huge thank you to Kim and Brent for choosing me as their photographer and allowing me to become a part of their Sydney wedding day. If you are looking for a wedding photographer, and you like the style of these shots at The Woodlands venue, I would love to hear from you! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact page.

Suits…Men’s Suits, Tuxedos & Shirts | Men’s Fashion | M.J. Bale (

Dress… Fashionably Yours Bridal
Hair & makeup… @angelina_myle

Venue… The Woodlands Wedding Venue
Rings… BB Designer Jewellers
Flowers & ceremony styling… Moments Of Elegance
Cake… @prettysweetlab
Celebrant… Del Edwards
DJ… Musiq Entertainment

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