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The Gracelands Wedding of Mary & Ben

Discover how this Sydney photographer became a part of the warm, stylish and fun wedding of Mary & Ben at Gracelands.


Being a Sydney wedding photographer is a genuine joy. Not just because I get to partake in the most special day of some couples’ lives and create a photo album of memories for them that they’ll cherish forever, no, it’s not just those two amazing things, it’s also because I get to travel around this wonderful country of ours discovering new places. And when Mary & Ben got in touch and said that they wanted me to photograph their wedding at Gracelands, I jumped at the chance! I’d never been to Memphis before! But soon, it dawned on me that they meant Gracelands, NSW, and to be honest, I was equally overjoyed! It’s always a special moment when a couple chooses you to be their wedding photographer, and it’s even more exciting when I get to go on a little field trip out of Sydney!

For me, it’s important to meet with all of my clients well-ahead of the big day to find out if we’re a good match for each other. And that was no different with Mary & Ben, whom I met with for a little chat earlier in the year. We instantly clicked, and I soon understood what kind of shots they were looking for and how they wanted their Gracelands wedding to be framed. Soon we were even swapping old stories, and I found out that Mary & Ben were high school sweethearts! Ahh! Nowadays, our bride works in childcare, and our groom works as a rigger. Both of them shared how strong the bond was between them and their friends and how many of them grew up together, and so this was something they also wanted to be represented in their wedding photography. A togetherness of family and friends.

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